Issue #55

Beyond All This

David James

Allegheny River

Mary Soon Lee

Broken Wing

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh
and Caden Weghorst

Naming Game

Changming Yuan

Newish Year, etc.


Negative Numbers

Jeff King

Art Gallery

Dean Focareta

Feng Shui Back in the Day

I. Cowthern

Women Broke Into Man's Home and
Threw Glitter at Him, Police Say

Arlene Weiner


Richard Magahiz

Gratitude Calls on Thursday

Shelly J. Norris

The Herd

Larry Schug

Anvil of darkness, the iris

Polly Giantonio


Peycho Kanev

Disease of the Newborn

V.S. Ramstack

Low-Voiced Prayer

John Rodzvilla

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