Newish Year, etc.

Happy 2023, Uppagus readers. It's been awhile since I wrote my own words to you, but for the sake of something different I will now. Besides, I'm not reading anything quote-heavy at the moment. No offense, Terry Brooks.

Uppagus had a much-appreciated winter break of sorts, and I used that time to focus on submissions. It's good to be back with another issue that has just the right mix. You'll see for yourself, if you haven't sampled already.

Not much to else to say. For better or worse, I had one of those "if nothing nice to say, say nothing" upbringings and we've all had a rough few years. I try to do nice things, though. Uppagus is one of them. I appreciate everyone reading this.

I've also kept busy with a local project and have been debating myself about how much to chronicle here when something more actually happens. Stay tuned, maybe?

Enjoy this Uppaging, and see you next time!

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