Women Broke Into Man's Home and Threw Glitter at Him, Police Say

(NY Times Jan. 12, 2022)

Can't a man be safe, judge, in his own abode, his castle?
Who among us might not stand outside at three
a.m., maybe to have a smoke, free from hassle?
So the gentleman stood, like Romeo in reverse, on his balcony,
perhaps to watch for meteor showers or to inhale
the humid Florida air. The woman below—a lover? No matter.
An Amazon, she vaulted over the rail
to his side, unlocked his door, let in an abettor,
another harpy disguised as a pixie, with pails
of their weapon. Clearly mens rea. They scattered
glitter everywhere, in his eyes, his hair,
his shoulders. Glitterbombed! Was this a woman scorned?
Did he make to one or both his vows and
Break them? Was this revenge for revenge porn?
Justice was done. The magistrate set bail
for each of the miscreant females: seventy-five thousand.
They both smile in their mug shots at the jail.

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