Issue #32


Ankita Anand

Witchcraft or Science

Noah LeBien

Since You've Been Gone

Romella Kitchens


Don Thompson

Music Is Our Only Defense

Edward Murray

Wintry Touch

Janice Ho

London Fog

Dean Focareta

I Had a Problem

James Croal Jackson

Madcap/We Touch Base as Harlots

Jessie Janeshek

Political Animals 4

Auden Shapiro
and Jessy Randall

The Films of Burt Reynolds

Mike James

South Side, 2 A.M.

Arlene Weiner

Tribute to Lady Murasaki

Shirley Stevens

Frightening Times

Stephen Mead

Eau de Parfum

Desiree Claudio Reuss

Xmas Eve, 2017

Jeffrey Zable

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