The Films of Burt Reynolds

Not the films, but the book about the films. Yes, that’s a real thing. Someone loved Burt enough to watch each, then write descriptively. Lots of cowboys and cops. Lots of loners who stare back at remembered misdeeds. Lots and lots of fast cars, one of which jumped a bridge into movie timelessness. One appearance in a Woody Allen movie. (The Woody Allen of the 1970’s, everyone thought edgy and fresh.) There’s Burt with a mustache. Burt without. There’s Burt with one woman. Burt with two. Burt young, though not very young. Burt middle-aged, which seemed to last and last. Burt old, which happened in a day and a half. When I was a boy and he was most famous my mother said she’d marry him if he’s just stop by. Instead he walked down the red carpet with Dinah and Lauren, Sally and Loni. Burt smiled at the camera. He had a famous laugh.

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