Issue #29

How I know this is love

M. Soledad Caballero

Venus de Milo

Joseph Karasek

Taking the Tedral

Joan E. Bauer

Dear Holden

Shirley Stevens

Life as a Squirrel



Randy Minnich

Tales from the Squirrel Hill Poetry Workshop

Rosaly Roffman Interviews, Part 1: Origin and Early Days


Pam O'Brien

Steve Nolan Says It's the Love Life, the Love Life, the Love Life

Arlene Weiner


Nancy Esther James

Raid on the Pantry

Ann Curran

The Poetry of Day to Dayness

Rosaly Roffman

The Pain of Being Loved

Christine Doreian Michaels

Standing By

Don Krieger

The Way a Ten-Year-Old Prays

Rosaly Roffman

When I die

Joanne Samraney

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