While I'm Around

When I’m dead and feeling blue I’ll think of you,
and then my troubles won’t seem so bad.
I’ll rise up—or at least I’ll try to—and even though
I won’t look so good—especially with the passing of time—
I’ll sing along. . .
And looking into the eyes of those around me,
I’ll maintain a perfect smile—though I’m sure that my teeth
will look yellower than ever.
I’ll make chit-chat with everyone around me,
and veer away from anything that reminds people
of what’s in store for them too.
I’ll do everything in my power to help people
live for the moment by focusing only on the now.
The words Be Here Now will be the headline in my thoughts,
even though the original idea was pretty much a sham to begin with,
for how can anyone ever be completely here and now
given all the baggage we’re forced to take with us from the past!
Anyway, I’ll do my best to make everyone forget—
at least while I’m around, and have anything to say about it...

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