Learning to Skate

Today is the day I take to the ice
Tomorrow I know I'll pay the price
But right now this feels really great
Learning to skate

I have to say that I think I'm ready
Even if I'm a bit unsteady
I fall stepping out of the gate
Learning to skate

I have wanted to do this
Like forever
Always said "someday"
Which always meant never
But as I'm pushing 50
I am taking the plunge
Soaking this up
Like a sponge
Goes to show
It's never too late
Learning to skate

I can barely move clinging to the boards
Jostled and spun by the teenaged hordes
Bumped too hard I end up prostrate
Learning to skate

But I do make it once around the rink
My legs are burning my face is pink
Coming back next week I can't wait
Learning to skate

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