You Believe in Great Things

You believe in great things.
I am a lover of small moments.

You light your candles in the church
While I listen to a song in the bedroom dark.

You ask God to forgive you
And I ask me to forgive myself.

You live in your cul de sac with your cheating husband
And I live alone in this accursed room.

I live inside my heart and you in the hearts of others.
I must be true to me and you true to them and their expectations.

You believe in great things that diminish you.
I believe in small things that nourish me.

I am dead inside a part of you that is dead inside
But you are still alive inside of me because nothing inside me ever dies.

You believe in God and fealty to a tribe and in that you are common.
I believe in me and what is inside of me even though it is personal and uncommon and small.

Maybe there have been other lives and maybe we loved each other once or twice before
Or even more in these other lives. Maybe, but each time I would bet your love was less than mine—

Maybe. But I know I must have loved others in those lives and maybe not better, maybe so;
I hope in the next life I will love more than I have before and if there is a God and he answers prayers—
I hope my next lover won't be the next you. Truly, I hope. Does God have a sense of humor?

Is it darker than mine? Please let the answer be no so I never know you again.

I pray, I pray.

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