Brian Wilson

The wild waves of honey and
the glistening fiberglass beaches
of this coast make it so very clear;

that a power so subtle yet
so enormous vibrates and splashes,
materializing itself into existence,

and he opens this gate to reveal
the brilliant paths of light that are
carefully folded, chiseled, and waxed

by true hands rising beyond us all.

Like the sun overhead, we all want
to call him our father as we find our halos
fully enveloped in the cascading volumes

of his sound, the cocoon of perfect shelter.
With every Summers endless drownings
He understands that all the gospel is real.

Through sound this entity of love
owns my heart and unto Him I arrest and
surrender my soul completely,

with the assurance that as the sun
burns my eyes and the waves break
upon my tired California back,

that the golden semen swimming
in my ears never be washed away.

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