The people who love us are always there
No matter how far away they seem.
Even if they have to appear in dreams,
They are there.
Right there.
As if that moment was pregnant
With their anticipation,
They are there waiting,
When calamity becomes impatient,
As if this is the sole purpose
For which they were created,
As if they lived there. Right there.

Those who are there for us,
For some inexplicable reason,
Even when they shouldn't be,
Even when they couldn't be
And impossibility disconnects us
The fact that they accept us
Connects us,
And they are there.
Right beside us on the stairs
Ready to climb the long way there,
Sitting beside us on the chair,
When the news is too much to bear,
And they don’t have to be
But dare
Not to ever not be there
Even if there is everywhere
Because there is no traveling time for care.
It is there because it is aware,
And no matter how much it shares,
It always has more to spare,
And even when it is depleted beyond repair...
It is there.

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