Windows to the soul

Walking past
painted strangers,
peering into the windows
on their faces.
Emotions dangling,
a billion hues blazing.

A blue-eyed being,
with a soul singing.
His smile beaming.
Today has brought joy,
not even questions of tomorrow
could destroy.

A green-eyed ghost,
thoughts provoked
but disclosed,
tucked away inside
a soft-spoken host.
Emotions blank,
for any form of feeling
while conversing with the ceiling.

A brown-eyed bookworm
glued to the words.
Finding familiarity
in the dialogue of a lover
whose been burned.
Walking past with pace,
back to a blur.

A hazel-eyed human
going through an inner revolution.
Made a fool,
believed an allusion
blinded by delusion.
Starting over,
the only viable solution.

Emotions uncovered
within contrasting colors.
Feeling found,
running deep underground.
Dug up and put on display
behind glass panes.
Windows peering into windows
thoughts crescendo.

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