The End of a Movie

Memories sweep by like a kaleidoscope,
swiftly circling through my mind,until there
is nothing left but darkness. I remember the
sight of the marble kitchen counter drifting
by. In the brightly lit up kitchen, I see my
mother by the sink, her black apron tied to
her waist stirring a shiny metal pot of soup.
I lay under the black cubic lights dangling
from the ceiling, slouched on the marble
counter across from where I see mother
leaning on the wall next to white sink, smiling
at me. I listen to the chattering, the kitchen
stove hissing in the background, and the
birds quietly chirping outside. I try to remember
more. I try to remember my mother's teachings,
her lessons and her words. Every moment I
recalled is swiped away outside my reach.
Memories shift, slowly come by again and I
see my friends Sieun and Eunchae. I see the
three of us leaning on the glass pane, in the
back of the class, next to the rows of seats
lined up to the front. The white curtains behind
us sway from the breeze, and we sit across the
dusty window sill, facing each other, talking
about classes,friends, family, and upcoming
exams. Pictures in my mind dissolve away again,
and it’s like the end of a movie, where a golden
gate opens up to a huge glowing path, filing
through the white sky heading to a small bright
whole. The entrance to a new world, where the
dead start a new life.

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