Back to Sylvia Beach

If I could go anywhere again, it would be back to
Sylvia Beach Hotel in a fast, red jeep, the wind cupping
its hands about my body.
Time changes but we still feel the same about
certain life passages, aspects.
We'd gone to Newport Beach to reconnect a family
torn apart by the winds of fate.
I still see the two of you, Father and Son walking on the
beach with the same gait, your right hands in your right
pants pockets, the sand pure, almost white.
I still connect with the waves, challenging each other, life
challenging itself.
I, who am empty of motherhoods, felt I almost had a son then
—felt the freeness of the high lifted sky, the wilder gulls.
We birth and raise things quickly in a difficult universe.
The, tides shift, time changes and all is re-routed.
The tides form against us and we must coexist within that.

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