Dog Park

One pup looks up
in the acre of lattice-shaded dog park.
when our borzoi arrives

Her muscles coil
around bones, under skin
too much inside

Boxer greets her
smells her origins, her moods
butt-up, play posture

Pose, freeze, run!
Thudding on mud, paws reach
grab earth and spring

Winter has gone yet
spring is not blooming
brown earth opens

Deep dog breaths
Pant to cool, ribs heave
Run more: squirrel!

Catch it! No!
Up the tree, bark to fork
long hind legs too short.

Decrepit leaves
quake and blow about to lure
hounds into gallops.

Panting, deep
earthquake breathing across
her rib lands.

Seashell sounds
of air, lying down in patch
of sun. Run out.

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