A Dream of Gingko

In the dream    a borrowed chair sits beneath a tree    a wooden chair    stained brown
patiently waiting for the time when it might move adjacent to the piano    waiting patiently as
it is buried by a yellow rain of gingko leaves

in the dream    the smell of urine is sharp and overwhelming    as the clicking of the camera
shutter is heard    over and over again    (there is no chair in this scene)

in the dream    the sisters are dead    their bones moldering in a shallow grave    the mother
sits nearby    on a brown-stained chair    eating an apricot

in the dream    the mother no longer plays the piano

in the dream    all religions have been proven equivalent    and so the mother chooses one that
provides a hope of reincarnation

in the dream    there is a brown chair on the porch of the empty house    protected from the
sun by a stand of ancient gingko trees

in the dream    an alarm is ringing inside the house    but there is no-one to turn it off    all that
is visible from the window is a bowl of apricots

in the dream    the gingko tree drops all of its leaves at the same time

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