Blue Jay

Maybe the way that we love is not good enough
Maybe we hold it on our tongues
When I try to speak it falls back into my throat and chokes me
I wish I could spit it out and hold it in my hands
I wish I could give it to you
I wish I could throw it away

Your eyes were the first thing that calmed me down after the flight
5 hours or 5 years I couldn’t tell, got off in a different country and
Didn’t even know what day it was but
There you were, standing like the sun, warmth of a thousand fireflies
And I knew I had made it home

I always thought that you found me, but I think now
That I found you
You were wandering but I was searching
I cut down every tree and flipped over every rock until I met you
Like a bird, you let me come so close
Tossing seeds tossing seeds tossing seeds and then
The time came to reach out and grab you and you were gone

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