I love Swiss banks: tax evasion as the umpteenth of Fine Arts: I love Swiss Banks: I love Swiss banks

(this is an ode to our corrupt, yes)

Orthodox artists,
avant-garde artists,
all of them artists,
and Viva $pain,
and my heart is open
in front of such great artists
in one of my first landings:
a lot of zeroes:
Switzerland in our hearts.
Something flamenco,
for those bloody days,
and my hands in Switzerland:
Switzerland in our hearts.
And the ship sails on,
and the ship sails on.
Art has no borders,
or is it that I have no imagination?:
Switzerland in our hearts:
I will end up being the airlift´s Mozart.
We are definitely some artists,
when the hell are they telling us <<Olé>>?,
and, conversely,
there are a sudden supporters
of disobeying and dynamiting
these, our cute schemes
(a relief for the people?):
a lack of respect for our art:
Switzerland in our hearts.

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