All I Know, Part 1

One time I was riding in a lonely section
Of the county next door.
A few barns collapsing at glacial speed,
The sealed road sticky in hot weather,
But few other signs
That people had once lived here.
Passing what looked
Like an abandoned trailer,
A large black pig rushed out
From beneath its skirt,
Followed by two small boys
Screaming their heads off.
I sped up a little, trusting that swine,
Dog-smart in their own ways,
Have little appetite for chasing cyclists,
Although he was certainly giving me
A run for my money, the old college try.
Wish I could recall the name
They called out, the boys, their pet,
Probably something kids choose
Like Tiny or Dreyfus or Doug.
I can’t help but think it was just
A case of mistaken identity,
What would he do if he caught up,
Truck me off to the knackers?

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