Servants of the Temple (1)

Start with the knowing, that
the Grail was lost, best hope
of salvation, accident of great
cost. The Temple later fell
to conspiracy, but was lost
long before, due to jealousy, 

Buried in the ancient waves
of the Mediterranean Sea.
It failed on that last day,
when the Vessel was lost,
to a brutal happenstance
of such unimaginable cost.  

The hands of a Pope, and
A King of France, settled all
accounts, without the interest
they cast.  Mass murder as a
tool of fate, to salvage the
economies of bankrupt States.

All the television shows
called History make limited
attempts at accuracy, lost
in the details, to avoid some
deep truth, for a simplicity of
story, and no duty to proof.  

What if the Grail was no cup,
but still fell to the sea, lost
to both truth and posterity?  

Does it change how birds sing?  

The Soldier Monks murdered
by Pope and King no longer
speak ill to or of anything.  

What if the hidden treasure was
an egg, unlaid, like gold the
Proverbial Goose hadn't made?
What if all monies had been
lent? To generate interest, as
we say, invest. Lent to Pope 

and King. Interest plus the
principle can be a heavy thing.

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