Sarah's Search

inspired by Labyrinth

Everything he's done, he's done for you.
[The listeners, the audience nods]

Yes, Sarah—you dreamed of the stage,
in mesmerized motion, you quoted lines
and finally spoke the words that cast
an unwitting soul to the goblins—no!
What's said is said, what's done is done.
No? Is there turning back, redemption?

Sarah, you may search… find a path back
to reality, to a world you must bear,
with responsibilities and changes you can't abide.
Can you live with your sacrifice or will you face
the music, climbing at outrageous angles
to overcome your fear of life, to come of age?

Your labyrinth awaits, wrought with vines
to entrap you, decisions to challenge you,
perhaps a friend to accompany your journey
on a dark path toward generosity and wisdom.

Sarah, your quest is not to recover a lost child;
the search before you holds dangers untold
but you are brave enough to find your way.

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