Tell Me Your Name

You are sad I cannot remember you?
I feel sadness about many things.
Don’t keep asking me who you are—
please tell me your name.
I see a photograph on the wall,
it’s me as a young man
no, I cannot recall
my deceased wife’s name.
Don’t keep asking me, as if
it might come back to me.

I remember I wore a red tie
to high school graduation,
a gift from my mother—
what did you say your name is?
I don’t know where I am,
the people here seem friendly;
can I please go home today?
Now, you look sad again…
I cannot think of any words to say;
did you ask a question just now?

Outside the window it looks like spring;
I’d like to go outdoors, please.
I hear nice music playing nearby;
will you push my chair closer?
I’m sorry I’ve forgotten again;
I’ll try to remember, just tell me your name.

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