Freshly Laundered Zeal

Our life:
a mere wave stretching through space.
What do we allow ourselves to be?

Imagine you find yourself beyond that,
everything you knew is over.

You wake from a deep sleep.
Where have I been until now?

My throat a knot I can’t
untangle what my heart wants
to say, but
when my eyes and your eyes melt together
a cosmic shock takes place.

Heaven hails
tears of

A very intimate part of you,
childish and innocent, finds
and goes together with
the most childish and
intimate part of me.

We are twins.

Free, we play together
swim below a deep blue wave
looking at each other discovering
the dunes of our bodies
giggling at the thought of how a dog never
gets a tan, while

hiding a shell inside our hands.

Imagine you are that moment,
you are living from your heart.
It’s when fear feels farther of
where the sky meets
the ocean and
until my eyes can see;
the shore and the waves, some
humans boats
the mountain cracking a gorge


of this


then becomes soft, until


Imagine for the first time,
the silence of your heart will
tell you all
there is to know.

It’s when you are
close and
I am strong, and
I don’t need to hunt answers.
Not anymore

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