I'm Telling

I have new bruises now:
on the back of my hand, blue
& small as forget-me-not petals
where the medic tried
to start a line en route
to the ER, on the inside
of my elbow at the IV site
for fluids since I was losing
so much blood.
The medic told me how his wife
miscarried twice before
they had their daughter.
He gently pushed my ring aside
so he could lay his hand flat
across the top of mine
as he tried to find the vein.
He failed & I didn't get a line
until after the ER exam,
the plastic speculum clicking
into place, the collection
of blood into a white cup.
When I offered to take off
my ring, he said that man
of mine better not find out
how easily I remove it.
I feel like I've let go
of too many things too easily.
I tried to keep you, baby, I failed.
These bruises will soon fade too.

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