In the Movie Version

Raisa Gorbachev & Olga Havel share a wary lunch
in the Russian Tea Room. 

Olga’s white-straw hair grown back.
Raisa’s radiant smile returned.

They play themselves; they do not quote
their husbands. 

Olga does not say: Hope is not prognostication.
But of death: Just another darkness.

Neither pours tea.   

Olga wears jeans, a baggy cardigan,
old espadrilles with socks.  

Raisa, the plush weave of Pierre Cardin & pearls.
Olga, in her straightforward way, says:

The freedom to have sex with anyone was
one of the few freedoms the Czechs enjoyed. 

Raisa asks Olga if she's grown accustomed
to being alone.

We knew that at any moment, the police might come
and set our house on fire.

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