As We Sleep in Our Cribs, 1947

The first proceedings of the US Congress are televised.
The Communists take power in Poland.

Christian Dior introduces the ‘New Look’ in Paris.
Werner Von Braun marries Maria, his first cousin.

Jackie Robinson signs with the Dodgers.
The Cold War begins.

An extra-terrestrial vessel is spotted at Roswell.
The Kon-Tiki smashes on the reef at Raronia.

As India is partitioned, Muslims choose the name, Pakistan.
The Communists take power in Hungary.

Princess Elizabeth marries at Westminster Abbey.
Meet the Press begins on NBC.

The Iranian Army takes back Azerbaijan.
The HUAC begins investigating Communists in Hollywood.

Cambridge admits women (as full-time students) for the first time.
In a cave near Wadi Quaran, someone finds in pottery jars,

what come to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Jessica Tandy stars on Broadway as Blanche DuBois.

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