Red Moon

He was iridescent
friendly finger fuck
in the bathroom stall

juju spellbound, let him
taste your amulet, come
onto you with adoration
mama gonna give it up.

You move
soft-shoe thrumming
in the August heat
hands on your waist
mouth all agape.

Breathes into
your skin something
sepulchral and sticky
tongue rattle shaking
in your ear

he was blackleg
to your restlessness
a cheat is a cheat is

a pocketful
of miniature fences
poking into skin.
Or player pianos
in windpipes playing

the same song, he was
a tired waltz
in slanted rooms.
Tin roof tongue,

back aisle brawler
pulling pearls til the walls
streaked, fingers numb.

He was pins to your doll
black liner round your lid,
something to strap on
and take off, a tricky clasp
that won't fall from your neck.

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