You remember when
daddy pushed me into the

budded all those years ago

she was once another's

mama screamed as she fell
from the sky

scalding hot shower of
heavy air


dizzy spells she called 'em

my body bitten red by the
smack of still clear water

little cabbage patch

she called him

they say i dreamt it but i

you remember where
mama was

but like all vegetation
planted in spoiled soil

i came out of those waters
baptized by truth

drinking gin on that
redwood deck high above
grey mill clouds

casualty makes it a habit of
knockin' on our door;

i was alien umbilical

sippin' it like it was the
sacred sap of Lord Juniper

i danced in circles that

a changeling

estranged weed

veined blue

suckin' that glass back dry
to fill a crystal vase of
book pressed lilies nature

singin' Queen and
swingin' my little tush
round and round

i believe the sun cried.



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