Hansel and Gretel

There was a hole in the fence that led
to the neighbour's garden.
and on the other side of that fence
He wasn't there
the cruel oppressive Father
Supreme disciplinarian, silver tongued
thick haired.

our mother tongue was silence.

in the neighbour's garden
the moon
hung by a wire
clipped, elegant yet ready to fall

we, you and I, plunge into darkness
into the smell of chestnuts and burned meat

but wait, I'm stuck in the fence,
in the small nighttime hole
the thorns crisscross my legs

you on the other hand
unfurl to a great height
between earth and sky.

I want so badly to slam
my body against the world
like paint

You are so kind.

You keep calling to me
hand outstretched
sister, get out get out get out

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