Bowietry (Issue #21)


© 2017 Wayne Wise


Ava C. Cipri

Post Bowie World

Dean Focareta


Shelley Marie Motz

So Lonely You Could Die

Roger Leatherwood

Girls Glow in Synthesis (Part II)

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Thin White Truth

John Zedolik

Out of Stone

Sheila Kelly

For the Man Who Has Been Everything


Five Years

Michael Albright

Ziggy Stardust and a Clown's Black-etched Face

Barbara Baer

For David Bowie at the Hour of His Death

Liana Kapelke-Dale

"Space Oddity," Performed by Children for
Langley Schools Music Project, 1976

Daniel M. Shapiro

Forever and Ever

Dorothy Rice

January 11, 2016, 5:32 a.m.

Vivian Wagner


John Lawson

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