A peaceful waterfall and rocks

Photo by Daniel de Culla


Prayer to Mother Earth

Mother Earth mine and ours
Beautiful by excellence and without equal
I come to beg you
"Without making use of creeping hyperboles
Neither rhetorical phrases nor flattery"
As it sings "In Praise of Braying"
In its dedication to the Spanish Donkeys
That you be accommodating and courageous
Of people of good will
Good heart and best soul
When the day comes when you're fed up
From so much kaffir, cannibal and evil born
That seriously wound you in all lands
Ripping your riches
Fouling your springs, rivers, lakes
Cutting down and depredating your fauna and flora
For alleged reasons in own good
Of all that crowd of people
Those who only care about money
Very facultative and very knowledgeable
In predation, robbery and plunder
To teach us and persuade us
Of what it's worth, and a lot
Respect and love to you, Mother Earth.
Don't treat us all the same
Because always, in catastrophes
You take the poor of the earth ahead
And not those who do know what they do
And they are always the same
Those who do you harm
To procure as many goods as they can.
Salve, Mother Earth!

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