Strangers on the Train

I get on the train, it is crowded. I walk some more, there is a free seat between a lovely group of people. It seems like they have waited for me. I ask whether it is free and they all nod. The young elegant lady and the two charming men. I sit next to the girl and the two young men are sitting in front of me. It is very light and it looks like we are visiting each other. Like sitting in someone's living room. The girl next to me is eating something, one of the guys is checking his phone while the other looks around. I bring my notebook, already feeling comfortable in their company. I look up from time to time, not even trying to hide that I am writing for them. The girl also trusts me, she gets up to go to the toilet, trusting me with her stuff. Of course, I say, happy to do something for her. The guys are just as lovely, their gentle features almost falling into a smile. We exchange looks randomly, and there is no feeling of awkwardness. The girl comes back, she thanks me. I almost thank the three of them, I like their energy. The train moves and we grow closer and closer. My friend from behind asks me about the stop, then the girl asks me the same question. The guys are listening to me. I do not wish to arrive, it means I leave my companions behind. Finally, the train stops and we all leave. We might meet some other time, only without recognition. I wonder where these friends are today, I wonder who they are?

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