Tips for blogging success

"USE QUOTES" —Shakespeare

If you are going to be a successful blogger, you'll need to learn how to quote others. After all, as Picasso said, "Quoting others gives people the impression that you are knowledgeable about the subject and at least as much of an authority on it as the famous people you cite."

Don't believe me? Ask Krishnamurti. "People who don't believe things that are written in a blog post are among the most wretched of this earth." And he was like, from India, I think, so he really should know stuff.

How do you find quotes? Simple. Look them up somewhere. There are many books of quotations that are available, organized by subject. If that's too difficult for you, then consider these 5 gambits used by successful bloggers all over the world.

1. Make quotes up!
That's right. Believe it or not I made up those two quotes earlier. You probably didn't even notice. Or if you did, you got so angry you wanted to chime in and tell me what an asshole I am. Congratulations... to me! I just got you to interact with my post, which is of course the main reason why anyone blogs. Check out my blog on the subject, 8 Tricks To Get People To Click. If you've got the guts.

2. Read!
Probably the most time-intensive way to find quotes, and really not guaranteed to deliver the kind of quality on point things you're looking for. Plus it really wastes time that you should be using writing.

3. Get them from other blog posts
A really good way. If they have already been used in another blog post somewhere, then they are pre-vetted for you. You'll have even better results just quoting entire blog posts in your posts, but that's an advanced technique that will anger other bloggers.

4. Oh did I say 5? I meant 3.

5. I said I meant 3, goddammit.

"And that is pretty much all there is to say on the subject." —Mark Twain

Once you start quoting others, you'll find it's an easy and fun way to elevate your work and fit yourself smoothly into the public discourse. Like Einstein said, "Why should I spend time developing an argument and employing piquant, clever writing when I can just quote someone who does that and give people the impression that I, by association, am also clever? Also, E=MC2."

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