Socials Engineering

"I would rather rob banks and trains than make money from the Internet."
—Michael Wurster

You may have noticed that Uppagus has gotten less and less active on social media. Busy-ness and/or laziness played a role, but a smaller one than you might expect. At some point I realized I don't want to be on social media at all.

This is an awkward statement from someone who runs an online journal. And it feels awkward to try explaining my reasons. Most people have their complaints about some or all platforms. Abandoning those platforms is another thing entirely. I have no sense of how many people are doing so, but my guess is not many. Especially those who intend to keep an online journal going for the foreseeable future.

My only (and I mean only) regret is that I miss out on promoting each new issue of Uppagus, which is the main reason I set up social media accounts in the first place. I plan on exploring other ways to spread the word, and am open to ideas. The work featured in Uppagus is worth sharing and furthermore bragging about; that hasn't changed in all these years!

I decided not to take the step of deleting any Uppagus socials for now, so people can still reference them if they want or use them to find this website. Everything I've described here has been the case for awhile, but I only felt compelled to point it out now.

Thank you all—submitters, readers, all-around supporters—for helping me make Uppagus what it is. Sometimes it's off the beaten path, like many enjoyable real-world experiences.

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