A Prayer for the 99%

At a loss for words is not a new state for me. It only deepens as time spools along.

I would like to think that none of what I see in our future is inevitable. I would love to be wrong about where this is headed. I'm not good at praying because I've been unable to exclude the possibility that there's nothing to pray to, or that we're all wrong about how it works, or that being on our own is the whole point. But today I feel moved to give it a try.

I pray for us (myself explicitly included) that it's not too late to learn from history in progress. That we can finally stop getting tricked into hating and hurting each other. That we will freely decide our own fate. And if there is something omniscient paying attention, maybe that entity can help us choose wisely.

That's all I've got at the moment. It's a beautiful day where I am. Hope it is for you, too, and that you get to enjoy it.

See you in issue 48, all.

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