Weird Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Dystopia

  1. Learn and remember how history slant-rhymes. Terrorized people tend to elevate leaders who promise a way out of chaos. Leaders in traumatic times tend to pursue absolute control. Beware their promises, especially if they involve trading freedom for safety.
  2. Protect and value your rights.
  3. Protect and value your neighbors' rights. They are the same as your own, but this tip is not redundant. Protect and value your neighbors regardless of whether you love them as yourself. Reality doesn't care how you feel about it.
  4. Enjoy the sun on your face.
  5. Question before you believe. Fictional characters write books about nonexistent movies. When you wonder, "Who would go to the trouble?" of spinning an elaborate lie, remember the dedication art requires.
  6. Enjoy art in your brain. You've come to the right place for poems about everything from learning the flute to the Horsehead Nebula, comics about movies about books, and many human faces.



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