From the Mouths of Inanimate Objects

Toilet saying Mmm, the humanity

Inspired by work from Alimson Esther, this issue's featured visual artist

It's good to be back. At the tail end of our first-ever hiatus, the Uppagus team had a brief discussion about this space, which has been "left intentionally blank" for so long. Partly because this state of affairs annoyed Upp Jr. and partly because OK, having nothing to say was getting old, we are reviving the editor's column along with Uppagus as a whole.

Uppagus had to take a short break because of two ongoing battles—both hyperlocal and specific yet with broader implications that reflect poorly on our society and people who hold positions of power in it. Both uphill, as you may imagine. Not recommended for the faint of heart, but do try this at home. Along with all the corruption and despair, I've encountered some truly fine human beings I'm glad to know.

It's not that different from encountering fine human beings thanks to Uppagus, actually. We hope you enjoy this latest issue as much as we do. See you next time!

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