Something Else

Sorry, I ran out of whimsical song-lyric twistings. Now I have to actually talk to you. And I'm dreading it because I have news I'd rather not have to share.

As much as I looked forward to it, I have to officially pull the plug on the Octavia E. Butler issue. We simply didn't get enough submissions, and dragging things out so long became unfair to those of you who'd placed your (really good!) Octavia E. Butler work with Uppagus. We will contact submitters individually soon. Although we have to admit failure, maybe someday we'll try again. Or encourage someone else to succeed!

In other news, Uppagus continues. And if you like Uppagus, you're really going to enjoy this issue. So start reading, or save it for later if you're into that sort of thing. Either way, you can send comments, questions, laments, and of course submissions to

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