The G Word

It’s good to be bad these days.
                Some brag of their bravery
                                their tough take on life
                                                even as they dis those different from themselves.

I say be good
                 to your selves
                                all of them, the wise and foolish
                                                ones within.

Then, find someone else
                 to lavish your surplus love on.
Be better to her than
                 a bard to his language.

There is no shame in shaman.
                You may hope to hasten her healing
                                by cooking for her your finest food
                 massaging into mindlessness
                                her muscle ache and bone pain.
Do not lend her your favorite book.
                 Give it to her.

Heal with a hug.
                 Cure with a kiss.
Don’t say good day.
                 Make it so.

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