Sesame Street

Increasingly, and with further refinement,
Spaniards vote with a sense of humor.
Spanish citizens, who are knowing
the irrelevance of their vote,
they handle it in a humorous way.
Because they think that, in the humor,
there is greater political significance than brainy reflection.
Democracy, which is solemn,
as all forms of collective truth,
It is increasingly permeable with respect to humor.
As they do not like Rajoy,
they decide to vote to Rajoy.
It is pure humor!
It is a rare form of new, avant-garde contempt.
Giving the vote is not to give your confidence but your contempt.
I vote because I despise you.
Democracy moves as well,
to artistic fields, liquids, diffuse.
Creative vote of Spaniards becomes Cervantes:
expresses no political conviction:
We are moving:
how much more you hate,
the more you vote.
A nihilistic conclusion:
something just like Valle-Inclán, no doubt.

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