My Imaginary Friends

Considering the possibility of universal oneness reminds me of an imaginary friend from childhood, with whom I’d stake years (hundreds, millions) of my life on somewhat random occurrences, like how many stops the elevator would make before reaching the lobby, and I made two assumptions: that these inconsequential bets were significant enough to bet my life, and that the entity / imaginary friend I bet against had the power to grant or take away these years. “Mind”, as I knew him, was a mischievous entity, and while possessing omnipotence and omniscience (or at least a power way above mine) Mind was part of me, but still somewhat separate. Mind existed throughout childhood nearly into adolescence when I realized the absurdity of it. This may not be related but I once did levitate in the doorway between the kitchen and dining room of my parents’ apartment by focusing intensely on doing so. I was quite young but younger still I think I recall the existence of a guardian angel, a toothless jokerman and “imaginary” friend who I encountered again in my early 20s being too high, lost, and wandering in The Village, who refused a wad of cash and disappeared quickly after healing me from my bad thoughts and embarrassment, I think on his bike, playing music. And another angel, Michael yelled at me for something about needing boots and because I was a pretentious asshole, presumably.


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