By the Numbers

It's not something I thought about until recently, but this month marks the fourth year of Uppagus!

Makes sense: We've consistently put out six issues each year, and here we are on issue 24. In that time we've published somewhere in the neighborhood of 275 poems, 30 flash fiction stories, untold amounts of visual art, and 17 interviews with Michael Wurster. All thanks to around 200 contributors.

Sometimes a lot happens in four years, and these particular ones have seemed eventful to us. Thank you, Uppagus readers, for discovering us at some point along the way. We hope you continue to enjoy Uppagus, because no matter what else changes we plan to keep bringing it.

Speaking of: Don't forget to submit work for our Octavia E. Butler issue. If you're not familiar with this author, check her out. She might inspire you.

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